a whole new world, via Whole Foods!

About two weeks ago I heard thru the grapevine that we were going to be getting a Whole Foods Market. I instantly became excited. When I moved to South Carolina I had high hopes for Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Cost Co. How disappointed was I when I found out the closest ones were 3+ hours away! I figured moving from a rural town in New York to a southern state like SC I’d find them, but no…  no I did not. But anyways, happiness now because two days ago I found out that it (being Whole Foods) opened its glorious doors on October 25th. So we set out this morning for a mere 26 mile journey and it was totally worth it.

After several spins around the parking lot we finally found a parking space and when I walked thru those doors, I was in heaven. There were fruits and vegetables piled high in amazing colors, I could see the bulk section from the doors, they were sampling chocolates and cupcakes and cheeses. Pure bliss I tell you. Unfortunately, even though it was a Monday it was still incredibly crowded. I’m assuming it was due to it only being open a few days, I’m hoping the crowds will die down eventually.. I don’t think I’d enjoy grocery shopping and playing bumper carts too. But anyways, my loyal boy pushed the cart dutifully thru the crowded aisles and never complained once. I even went thru the bulk section twice, just because I wanted to and he never said a word. This is why I love him.

So, my favorite parts were as follows:

Beautiful sparkling new bulk bins filled with all sorts of things.. including 10 different types of dried mushrooms, 8 different types of flavored sea salts, 6 different types of grind your own nut butters and all the regular beans and grains you’d expect from WF.

The produce section. Oh, my, goodness. I wasn’t joking earlier when I said the fruits and vegetables were piled high in amazing colors.. unfortunately I have been succumbed to Wal*Mart produce for far too long and I felt like my eyes were going to bleed from the insane amount of colors. Plus they had great variety and in the first cooler case were packages of freshly cut fruits & veggies and freshly squeezed juices… I’d normally not buy pre-cut fruits and veggies, but they were so beautiful.. soo soo beautiful.

The 10+ foot long bakery counter! They had bagels. BAGELS I TELL YOU. Do you know how hard it is to find a freaking BAGEL down here?! Creme puffs and cheesecakes and fudgy brownies, cookies by the pound… they had whole wheat breads, sourdough breads, rosemary and thyme. Baguettes and french breads and perfectly executed roses on top of decadent cakes.

The cheese counter. They had cranberry cheddar for sampling. I easily would have devoured the whole entire case if I had no self control. I’m thinking about buying some for Thanksgiving or Christmas to have as an appetizer.

Pretty much, I could just talk about every single aisle and department in the whole place all night and be perfectly content with it. Obviously I loved the whole store. My biggest disappointment was not having a ton of cash to spend and the fact that I will be out of town for 2 weeks and couldn’t stock up on too many perishable foods.

What I did buy was a few ridiculously good deals.

We got…

a small Tofurky roast to try before Thanksgiving.. the boy wants to make sure his vegetarian turkey is up to par before the big day arrives. I know for a fact I enjoy it, but we got it for $6 and I really couldn’t say no to that since it’s usually $10+ dollars.

Two different and unusual flavors of Tofurky sliced deli meats… a roast beef and an Italian deli. I’m a fan of the sliced deli meats because I enjoy making a sandwich every now and then and it’s a lot more convenient to have them pre-cut and ready to eat.

And the hummus was to awesome of a deal to pass up. 99 cents for those suckers. Hummus is usually pretty expensive so the shelves were almost wiped clean. Plus, have you ever seen Cinnamon Raisin hummus?! Couldn’t pass it up. Same with the wasabi… I do love me some wasabi.. especially with cucumbers… yum! The artichoke and spinach is for the boy, he claims he doesn’t like hummus but said he’d try this flavor. So whatevs. 99 cents, who cares! I’m freezing these packages since I’ve already got one opened, so I can’t vouch on their flavors yet, but I’ll definitely be reviewing them as I open them.

I also bought a bag of sea salted Rice Chips (not pictured) because I love them. All together, I spent 15 bucks. Megan, I know you’d be disappointed. But I assure you, when I get home from NY and I’ve got some groceries to get, I’ll surely be going to Whole Foods.