october is seriously my favorite

I absolutely love October. Love it. I love everything about it. The leaves are almost always completely changed and beautiful, the air is crisp, apples are in abundance, pumpkins, Halloween, scary movies!!! My list could go on and on and on.

This year is quite different however. I’m no longer in apple country… it’s no longer 50 degrees out and rainy/windy/just plain ol’ cold. The leaves haven’t QUITE changed yet.. it was 80 when I carved my pumpkin!! Life has certainly changed.

Wanna see our pumpkins? Okay!

This is Matt’s (my fiance) pumpkin.. he chose the bat clawing the pumpkin. So cute =)

This is mine! It’s a cute little kitty with a pumpkin and some spoooooky bats. Adorable.

These are all 3 that we did… the third one we worked on together and although it was the easiest one, it ended up looking the crappiest.

They always look so much better when they’re lit up!

So obviously, if you carve pumpkins, you should always always always roast the seeds. And of course we did. We decided on plain ol’ salted and cinnamon & sugar. The cinnamon sugar ones could have used double the amount, but they’re still delicious.

We all had quite the debate though… Half the family was saying you aren’t supposed to eat the harder shell on the outside and the other half was saying you could, and should. I had never really heard of anyone cracking the shells open like sunflower seeds until I met this family.. I always eat the seeds whole. The only time I actually eat the inside part by itself is when I buy them specifically (also known as pepitas!). What do ya’ll do? Do you shell them like sunflower seeds? Do you suck on them and spit them out? Or do you devour the whole delicious thing?


tortilla soup!

So last night, super cold… snowy, I’m lazy. So I made soup!

I made this chicken tortilla soup (with yes, you guessed it! some changes!) and it was pretty fantastic. I obviously didn’t use chicken broth, or real chicken and as stated above, I’m lazy so I opted out of making home made tortilla strips and just crumbled up my favorite tortilla chips and used them. I also didn’t add nearly as much cayenne as it called for and I’m super glad. The soup had the perfect spicy-ness and I probably used 1/8 or 1/4 tsp of cayenne, anymore and it would have been too spicy.

Surprisingly enough, I was way more into the salsa. It was pretty delicious. I almost could have done without the black beans, I’m all about tomatoes and avocado together.

Also, I was a tad disappointed because the color nor texture of my soup wasn’t anywhere near the pictures on the original post, but whatever. It was yummy.

The next few days will probably revolve around leftovers and quick easy stuff because I’ve got too much in my fridge and it’s always difficult to cook for just one person, and that’s all I’ll be all weekend. So until next time!