some stuff!

This past week or so I’ve been cooking quite a bit…

Friday I went out to my moms and made her dinner.. she’s newly a vegetarian so I wanted to make her something with tempeh so she could try it out. I decided to make my special version of shepards pie.

Pretty much I made a “beef” mixture with tempeh, green lentils and carrots slow cooked in “beef” broth until everything was soft and delicious. I of course added some onions and garlic, thyme, bay leaf and some Worcestershire sauce. I don’t like corn and mashed potatoes mixed together so the next layer was peas and then the mashed potato topping was red skinned potatoes and yams mashed together. Sooo good. I also steamed some broccoli and bought a loaf of Italian bread to go along with it.

Sunday I made my favorite to make cookies again.. the ones from Vegan with a Vengeance… the ginormous peanutbutter oatmeal ones.

I made like 16 cookies or so and then froze like 20 little cookie balls so that I can have them to make whenever I want. These cookies will probably pop up on my blog a lot.. I make them when I’m down in the dumps, on rainy days, when I have to entertain people, when I’m requested to bring a dish etc etc. I always add chocolate chips but this time I added chocolate chips AND reese’s chips! Sooo good!

I also made home made pizza dough for pizza. I thought it was going to turn out terrible because I mixed whole wheat flour with all purpose flour and didn’t really pay attention to the recipe very well.. I ended up having to add almost 2 extra cups of flour and it was a horrible texture when raw but surprisingly it turned out amazing. My boy rolled it out for me into the most perfect circle and I made home made pizza sauce. The sauce consisted of something like a can of diced tomatoes, half a can of tomato paste, like 4 tbsp of balsamic vinegar plus Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes (threw it all in a food processor too). We let that cook for a while until it thickened and was luscious and delicious. For the toppings I did the sauce, basil pesto swirled into the sauce, broccoli, roasted garlic, roasted tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese and Herbes De Provence.

And tonight, I made haddock piccatta with wild rice and sweet and sour carrots. The piccata recipe came out of an old Racheal Ray magazine and the sweet and sour carrots came out of this months issue. The wild rice was simply just made in the rice cooker. The boy got me hooked on wild rice. It’s so delicious, it seriously doesn’t need anything on it whatsoever to be yummy.

And since I’ve been wanting to showcase these guys for quite some time.. Let me introduce you to my three babies.

This is Myrtle. We call her Myrt the Squirt. She’s camera shy. She’s also what I call “my loyal one”. She follows me around the house, sleeps on my head and consistently scratches at the bathroom door whenever I’m in there for longer than 0.025 seconds. She’s a fan of warm clothes out of the dryer, chewing on hair, her 1960’s hippy chair and my boy.

This is Hunk. But we don’t call him Hunk. He is Munky, or Munk, or Munk the Chunk. He’s very camera happy, always trying to take a model-esque picture. But he’s so insanely shy it’s impossible to get near him unless he’s extremely comfortable with you. He’s everyone’s favorite and has a feather duster for a tail. He’s a fan of sitting on his lower back/butt like a human (especially in chairs), playing PS3, clawing at your face at 3 am, purring louder than anyone else, chasing twist ties and rubber bullets around the house and sliding on the hardwood floor.

And last but not least, this is Fern. Also known as Fernie, Pumpkin or The Butt. She’s the baby and was the runt of her litter. She sleeps under the covers with me, greets me at the door, sits on your shoulder and drinks out of the faucet. She’s a fan of anything in the bathroom, including attacking you while you shower, attacking Munky and Myrtle, collecting all the kitty toys in the house and hiding them under the blankets, being combed, chasing ghosts, eating cantaloupe and raspberries and being super cute.

Hope you enjoyed this post of foods and kitties. I decided that starting today I would not eat dairy (aside from eggs) or gluten for 2 weeks. So I’m going to be blogging about that and my adventures in temptation. So far so good and I’m hoping I’ll be feeling super awesome by the end of the two weeks. Tootles!



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