little pillows of ecstasy

Alright, so. I’m slacking on the posts again, and I apologize. But here I am!

So in the last few days:

The boy and I made P.F. Chang Lettuce Wraps – but of course, I made some changes and/or I have no photo.. we used tofu in replace of the chicken and I doubled the marinade/sauce recipe. I’m super glad I doubled it though because as you know, tofu sucks up any moisture and if I had only had the single recipe of the marinade I don’t think it would have been nearly as flavorful.. but needless to say, the recipe was awesome and the wraps were fantastic. We also steamed some rice to go along and some edamame (in their pods!). I swear, the boys got me addicted to edamame and I bet you’ll be hearing about it a lot.

Meggy and I had a cooking/baking night in the beginning of the week where she so generously made me kale & peach smoothies with her sweet Vitamix and we dived into a huge vat of vegetable quinoa chili and freaking awesome brownies. You can read about that adventure here. She also convinced me (just by having the book on her table and me devouring every page of it) to purchase Vegan Junk Food and I’m super excited to experiment with the recipes… especially the homemade meatballs and the meatball pizza.

I also made fudgy wudgy blueberry brownies outta the Veganomicon with vanilla bean ice cream.. yum!

I of course had to wash the brownie down with chocolate soy milk in my sweet dino cup! (anyone remember those welch’s grape jelly jars that turned into awesome cups when you finished the jelly? I think my brother and I had numerous growing up as kids..)

I also made the chicken style seitan outta Vegan Slow Cooker one night this week for upcoming recipes.

Yesterday I made the jambalaya outta Vegan Slow Cooker with the seitan and it was delish! The boy actually liked the seitan and although I’m always terrified to try it (I’m not sure why.. I think it has to do with the brain like look and the weird squishy texture), I actually enjoyed it as well! I’m excited to use the rest up in maybe a chicken fried steak recipe or something.

The jambalaya was pretty tasty… the recipe called for 1 1/2 cups of rice but I thought that would be too much so I only used a cup of rice and it turned out pretty good. The rice was a little mushy because it soaked up more liquid than it should have, but it was tasty either way.

Now, for the absolute best thing about yesterdays meal.

Home made potato rolls and bread.

Holy crap.

Freaking fantastic.

They came out absolutely perfect. They were soft and moist and full of flavor… they made my house smell fantastic and they were like little pillows of ecstasy. Soooooooo damn good. Sooo sooo soo good.

I used instant mashed potatoes with a bit of garlic in them and it was pretty faint in the bread, but still a bit noticeable.

The boy and I pretty much ate the whole pan of rolls but I have the loaf saved for sandwiches or burgers or something.. pretty much I have no idea why I ever buy bread.. its so simple to make at home and its so satisfying to make a perfect loaf of bread that you’re proud of and can make you smile ear to ear. Plus it makes your house smell awesome and has people who generally don’t come out of their rooms coming down asking what that delicious smell is.

Pretty much, I’ve decided to make more bread… it’s seriously one of my favorite things to do cooking wise and I’m not entirely sure why I don’t do it..

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  1. what I like about your post is how clearly your personality shines through! And, the pics and links are super

  2. Aww! Thank you Betsy =)


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