panini heaven

So, due to just an unattractive looking sandwich (at least with my photography skills and my dinner plates and such) I do not have a photograph of the genius we re-created last night, but I must blog about it anyways.

Last night, the boy and I decided to make (well, I decided… he eats whatever I make) BAKED POTATO PANINIS.

I got this ingenious idea from BS’ In the Kitchen (who by the way, has some pretty freaking fantastic ideas for paninis… think baked potato, broccoli and cheddar cheese soup and jalapeno popper!). Their photograph of the sandwich is absolutely delightful (of course).

I substituted bacon bits for the bacon slices and unfortunately I didn’t have any crusty type breads so I just used the farm-style I buy from my bakery every week.

This sandwich was phenomenal!! We warmed up some tomato soup for a dipper and oh my. Sooo sooo soo soo soo good. I will admit to it being quite a heavy sandwich, but hell, who the F cares right? Whats better than potatoes and cheese crisped in a delicious sandwich?!

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