rice puddinz

So I was always one of those people who couldn’t stand rice pudding. I never understood it. Why would anyone want to eat cold mushy nasty rice? And that stuff you could buy out of the tub on sale every week at the grocery store? Forget about it!! Nasty nasty nasty!! It wasn’t until recently that I became a lover of rice pudding. One day I was asked specifically to make homemade rice pudding and being the nice person that I am, I obliged and took a stab at making it.

I was a little hesitant at first, with all the horrid experiences I’ve had with it… but let me tell you, it was a life changer. It’s still mushy rice. But when it’s warm and right off the stove, raisins all plump and delicious… I don’t see how it could be made or enjoyed any other way. And actually, I’ve even enjoyed it at a few diners or two since then as well.

It’s been ridiculously cold here lately, with the snow and ice and persistent slush that covers the road and for some reason I decided that tonight would be a good night to devour some comforting rice pudding, cuddle with my Fernie and get to bed early.

Here’s the recipe I use:

5 cups milk

2/3 rice

¼ tsp salt

½ cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla

½ tsp cinnamon

½ cup raisins

Combine milk, rice, salt and sugar in a medium sized pot. Cook on medium high heat until bubbly and then switch the heat to low. Simmer until the rice is tender and there’s still a good amount of liquid/creaminess (it takes a stupid amount of time, I’m usually super anxious by the time its half way there). Add vanilla, cinnamon and raisins and cook to desired thickness.

I of course, always tweak the recipe. Tonight I halved it, since I was the only fatty eating it and I also pretty much dumped enough raisins in to scare any normal human being. But I do love me some raisins.

ps: I always add a little pad of butter on top of my pudding. Something about the saltiness of butter always makes it taste a hundred times better to me.

Also also also, after I had already started it and it had almost finished simmering, I opened up my fridge and realized that HELLO! tazo chai tea concentrate would probably be freaking awesome in the pudding and that will probably be my next experiment. It’ll probably be heaven in a bowl. Yummm.

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  1. Megan

     /  January 18, 2012

    How the heck could you not love rice Pudding, oh lover of rice?! It’s PUDDING. and RICE!
    That looks delicious though 🙂

  2. urhm I dunno!!! because it’s mushy over done rice and everyone I know eats it cold which is suppperrr nasty!


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