lost… again.

I suck at this. I’m not on the computer enough, I don’t get my camera out very often and I just plain ol’ don’t cook much anymore. I could throw out a million excuses as to why I don’t do this the right way, but that’d just be boring. To make a long story short, my life has changed drastically the last 4 months or so and I just haven’t had the… what should I say… the motivation? The ambition? I don’t know, either way, I haven’t been blogging and although I don’t want to PROMISE I’m starting again, I’m going to try to start again. Honestly though, this space might have a bit to do with the whole “I’m not cooking very often” excuse.

So anyways, this weekend has been boring, sloppy, messy, filled with mixed emotions, burnt food, destroyed pantries, long talks with best friends and lots and lots of Gordon Ramsey. Today I finally decided to cook something worth the effort and time and decided on Healthy.Happy.Life’s curried quinoa wrap with avocado citrus slaw.

It was delicious! Absolutely positively delicious. I’ve been pretty keen on quinoa for a week or so. It was made exceptionally well for me about a week ago and I’ve been obsessed since.

Quinoa! with all it’s delicious yummy bits.

The yummy bits!

Delicious slaw!

I had to make a few tweaks to the recipe.. for one, my tahini was absolutely disgusting. It was a mass of bone dry crud on the bottom of about 3 inches of oil and no matter how much mashing, stirring, coercing it just wouldn’t turn into the creamy substance it’s supposed to be. So I omitted it from the whole entire recipe. Where it was called for in the slaw, I just used some vegan mayo and it turned out just fine. I also didn’t have a tangerine, so I opened up a can of mandarin oranges and used those instead. My quinoa wasn’t white, I used black quinoa. And I had no mint!! So aside from all those issues, it was fantastic!

Also, here are a few other things I have cooked in the last however many months.

Best cookies ever… seriously. They’re my favorite. Anytime I feel down in the dumps or want to impress someone or I have to go to some shindig where I’ve got to bring something, I make these freaking cookies. They combine everything glorious into an awesome, dunk in your soy milk cookie. (recipe is from Vegan with a Vengeance… they’re the gigantic cookies or whatever with added chocolate chippies)

Awesome freaking mashed potato handpies that me and Vegan Whore made some odd months ago. Pretty much we mad an awesome coconut butter crust and added delicious mashed potatoes, slathered them in chick pea and traditional brown gravy (not shown) and scarfed them down like we hadn’t eaten in months. Seriously one of the better ideas we’ve had in a loong long time. I also think we made peach and grape pies too, but unfortunately no pictures of those beauties.

Roasted cauliflower that I used in a made up recipe for Roasted Carrot and Cauliflower soup that I experimented with.

And finally, the Roasted Carrot and Cauliflower soup that I made. It wasn’t necessarily soup when I was done with it, more like this delicious mash of carrots and cauliflower.. but it was scrumptious, so who gives a damn about what it looks like… right?!

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