So I’ve been away. Far far far away. I’ve been busy, I’ve been battling, I’ve been so far from this computer it’s not even funny.

For the last week or more, I’ve been battling a sickness so fierce it rendered me to my bed for days, watching endless episodes of the Big Bang Theory and sipping on ginger ale and organic orange juice. I haven’t felt like doing anything whatsoever. My garden is probably thinking I’ve forgotten about her and my poor house was probably depressed without the sweet, sweet smell of garlic and onions cooking on a daily basis. Good thing I had decided to order Big Vegan by Robin Asbell and Kate Sears approx 3 days before I became infected with the plague. Amongst that and seasons 1 and 3 (yes I know I skipped 2) of the Big Bang Theory, I have successfully recovered and am diving back into the blogging world.

Yesterday, I had planned on making and later baking the ‘better love your beans bake’ from Hearty Vegan Meals… and although I did indeed MAKE it, I just got around to baking it today and am currently scarfing a bowl of it down, along with 2 slices of my favorite multigrain bread from Heidelburg Bakery. I’m not sure if ya’ll have access to this bread, but my gosh, it’s delicious. It’s nutty and chewy and oh so yummy. Unfortunately, the only place I know you can buy it in my area is at a co-op about 50 minutes away.. but it’s sooo worth the drive just for this bread alone. So anyways, back to the ‘better love your beans bake’… against my prior planning, I do not have any pictures of this dish, but let my words stand alone to tell you how good it is. Essentially it’s a mexican style noodle bake, with some sort of delicious bean spread/whatever you wanna call it, on the top. Essentially, IT’S GOOD. MAKE IT, EAT IT, YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

By the way, did I mention how much I love Big Vegan? I’m obsessed right now, dare I say it’s my favorite cookbook as of this moment?

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